Charles Edward Davey

Charles Edward Davey, Métis Veteran

Georgia and Granville, Vancouver, BC

Served from 7 February, 1972 to 10 October, 1980 in the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) and Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) as an armoured personnel carrier driver in Germany during the Cold War, and on peacekeeping missions throughout the Middle East.

Finished as a Master Corporal.

Has four berets from his service: maroon (3rd Mechanized Commando), blue (UN) and two green (PPCLI & RCR).

Lived on the streets for a number of years.

Chuck told me that things were really bad at one point, but what turned him around was one day finding a patch of green grass that he followed all the way to Stanley Park—living in that greenspace saved him.

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