Vaccinium macrocarpon

This series of photos uses the subject of cranberry production to explore how we measure wealth. ‘Seed bank’ is an ecological term for the reservoir of seeds stored in their dormant state in the soil but can also refer to human-made collections of seeds that aim to preserve the biodiversity of food crops and other plants. The foods that we eat often start with this simple biological unit—the seed, but the agricultural origins of our food crops are tied in with human biogeography and history.

From trade between local First Nations and the Hudson’s Bay Company in the 1800s to currently being the most dominant crop grown within the Agricultural Land Reserve in the City of Richmond, the term ‘seed bank’ suggests biological wealth, value of the land, and food as commodity.

Vaccinium macrocarpon is an alternate series to Seed Bank, which was created for the City of Richmond 2015-2016 No.3 Road Art Columns exhibition ‘Small Monuments to Food’.

Project Details

Metallic C-print

Variable sizes

Seed Bank

Digital Print on Vinyl

Four 76in x 72in art panels

Behind the Scenes