We Are Here

In this installation piece, the distribution of physical postcards re-engages viewers in the intimate experience of sharing photographs with one another, and people are encouraged to take a postcard with them.

The image on the postcard—a photograph by the artist—depicts the endless horizon between water and sky at dusk, and a lone paddle boarder. The text ‘I am here’ is overlaid on the image and below that is the phrase ‘You are here’.

These two phrases connect—as a traditional postcard does—the photographer and the viewer in the place shown in the image, but they also allude to a trait of the photographic medium which is that both the artist and the viewer are present; they intersect at the photo and turn symbolic structures into reality, thereby creating meaning and in the case of postcards, a sentimental longing for the happiness of another place or time.

Project Details

100 Postcards in Wooden Box

4in x 6in

Behind the Scenes